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Relevant statement

If you’ve purchased fragile items (e.g. glass and ceramic products, etc.) via citygobuy, given the existing rules the logistics providers have in place on shipping such items, citygobuy only guarantees that they will be intact before shipping. However, losses arising from damages to fragile items (judged by logistics providers) in transit shall be borne by the user.

The parcel sent abroad needs to go through the foreign customs, the customs inspection package basically is the form of spot check.If the customs considers that your package is special (e.g. bulky, heavy or sensitive), the general customs will proactively contact the recipient for invoice or customs clearance.The cost of the package returned or destroyed will be borne by the addressee on its own due to the lack of contact with the addressee or the addressee not cooperating with the customs clearance.

Overseas return

If your parcel has been sent abroad, but it is returned because of the " unqualified international security ", "no sign" , "address unknown", "out for deliver" and other reasons , you are responsible for redelivery fee.