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The inspection scope

1.We will not conduct the verication if the products have the defects and the functions that are stated by the seller.
(citygobuy does not inspect the size error, the model of the mobile phone case (film), the degree of glasses, the lining of the clothes and the appearance of the commodity box.)
2. For professional products like electronic appliances, digital products, and the related peripherals or accessories, we will not inspect their authenticity, functionality, and quality.
3. citygobuy will not inspect items in sealed parcels and parcels with a sealing label or strip except for parcels for dress, suitcases, bags, shoes, etc.
4、For orders without real product information, such as RMB 1 deal, blessing bags, virtual product links, links without real products, multi-purpose auctions, orders for shipping freights, quantity orders, and mosaic product pictures, citygobuy cannot inspect the information, such as type, quantity, color, size, and model of the product. Refer to these orders, citygobuy only inspects whether the product's appearance has damage, stain, dyeing, or defects. Product details can be inspected based on the inspection photo.