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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy
  • Customs and Taxation
Upon most occasions, declared value of package is lower than the tariff threshold, the package normally will not be taxed (but fraud declaration is another matter). If your package is taxed, you need to pay taxes and help clear the customs, but the probability of this situation is very small, only 0.25% of the packages have been taxed so far.
  • Receipt Information
1. Before signing for the parcel, check whether the outer packing of the goods is in good condition, whether the sealing of the boxes is in good condition and whether the weight is significantly different.
2. No matter whether the outer packaging of your goods has obvious damage or traces of demolition, you should inspect the goods in front of the Courier before signing for the goods, and make remarks on the waybill before signing for the goods, or directly refuse to sign if there is any problem.
3. If the package not signed in front of the postman is damaged or missing, please keep the outer packing boxes (including the sealed tape) and send them back to the local post office within 2 days after signing for them (subject to the time when the goods are submitted on the logistics provider's website), and provide the goods invoice, physical photos and other information to contact us to apply for compensation from the post office for you.
4. The normal sign of the goods marks the end of the whole process of transshipment. Our company will not be responsible for any situation of the goods after you sign for it
5. If you have any question after signing for the parcel, please feedback it to the customer service within 72 hours. If it is overdue, it will not be accepted
  • Exemption clause
1. Fragile and vulnerable goods, whether strengthen packaging is required or not, only claiming for loss is involved, while claiming for damage is not involved.
2. Dangerous and contraband goods are not involved in the claim (for example: compressed gases, liquefied gases, flammable liquids, corrosive substances and other countries contraband)
3. Loss or Expense caused by the goods’ natural loss, defects, characteristics, the price rise and drop will not be involved in the claim.
4. During the shipping, due to total or partial loss caused by natural disasters such as bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake and flood.
5.If the product expires, loses warranty, or gets delayed due to uncontrollable factors like weather and customs clearance, there will be no compensation.
6.If your parcel is not delivered within the timeline as promised by the parcel forward logistics, which is caused by your refusal of cooperation with the customs (including but not limited to paying the tariff), please be noted that all the losses or responsibilities will be undertaken by yourself, parcel forward logistics will not bear any responsibility.
  • Risk Related & Customs Declaration
1. Risk Related
For shopping agent and parcel forwarding products,  Some products are inevitably subject to certain customs risks such as rejection, taxation, and confiscation. Please understand you will be responsible for such risks.
2. Customs Declaration
For shopping agent and parcel forwarding products,  You need leave a note and declare the value by yourself when submitting the parcel.The chance of a parcel being taxed is influenced by the frequency of customs exams and customs policy. Please refer to Tax Threshold of Different Countries. Please understand that you will be responsible for customs related risks (return, confiscation, taxation).
Also, the chance of your parcel being inspected by the customs will increase if your product is too heavy or valuable. We suggest that you do not put too many same products in one parcel and keep your parcel at a reasonable weight.