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EMS, E-EMS, EUB channel delay notification

E-EMS, EUB channel delay notification

Dear User of Citygobuy:

Upon notice from logistics providers, due to the dual impact of the epidemic and the peak export season, air transportation resources are in short supply, and sea transportation have been short of containers, warehouses, and congestion at the destination port. So the parcels in the postal channels will be delayed in bulk which cannot be relieved in the short term.

The delay situation for different country:

1. Serious delay: Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ukraine, Singapore, Belarus, Latvia, Romania, Norway

2, time extension: the United States, Norway, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece, Vietnam, Slovakia transport capacity tension, time extension.

Affected by the flight greatly reduces, the transport capacity is tight influence, has already had the mail backlog, delivers the time limit to extend obviously. The logistics provider is actively communicating with the airline company to increase the capacity clearance. If there is any resumption, we will inform you immediately.