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Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card Payments

1、Credit card payment currently supported: card types and transaction fees

Transaction Rate  INTRA: Credit card transactions in the UK are based on Intra standard transaction rates.

Transaction Rate  INER: Transactions on non-UK issued credit cards are based on Inter's standard transaction rates

For example: Customer Tina, using a UK-issued credit card for a transaction of EUR 100, will pay a transaction fee of:

100 euros * 2.8% = 2.8 euros * latest exchange rate of euro against the dollar + 0.3 USD

2、Why do credit card transactions fail?

Please check whether the credit card type you are using belongs to the above supported card types, if not, it will not be supported. Secondly, the credit card payment will pass the verification of the payment platform and the card issuer, whoever passes the verification will pay successfully; if the verification fails, please contact the card issuer. Thanks!